The Great British delay

London is home to no less than 6 airports, making London one of the busiest airport systems in the whole world, handling 60% of all of the UK’s air traffic.

But what if you don’t live in London?

The domestic airports around the country cater quite well to the short haul destinations of Europe and even some across the Atlantic, but if you’re travelling long haul with the major carriers, the chances are that you’ll find yourself departing from one of the London hubs sooner rather than later.

So now you need to get yourself to London – to make the flight in a timely fashion, you need to allow yourself plenty of time to check in and ideally build in plenty of contingency.

If you live particularly far from London, you can fly but domestic flights may land in a different airport to the one you want to depart from and can be expensive.

There are trains of course, but the rail system can’t always be relied upon – sometimes there are rail replacements en route, adverse weather, driver strikes and sometimes we even blame ‘leaves on the track’.

You could arrive the night before but that of course incurs even more costs with accommodation and expenses.

None of these options are ideal and that’s where Mergetrip comes into play.

What if you could guarantee that if your train or plane into London was late, you would automatically and immediately be paid directly into your bank account with enough compensation that you would not be out of pocket – either a new flight, overnight accommodation or expenses when you finally arrived at your destination

With Mergetrip, you simply choose what level of delay you’re comfortable with and how much you need to be compensated by in the event of that delay.  Sit back, let us monitor your chosen mode of transport and if that train or plane is late, we’ll have the money wired to you immediately.

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