The birth of the Linkticket

Welcome to Mergetrip and to our very first blog post.

To kick things off, I wanted to tell you a little story of exactly how we first got the idea for the Mergetrip Linkticket that started this whole process off.

Our family were due to visit Auckland, New Zealand for a wedding and flights to that part of the world are quite expensive so we were searching for ways to lower the price somewhat when we came upon an excellent deal, a steal at c. £1k per person to fly all the way to Auckland with Emirates in Business class!  There was a catch though and that was that the Emirates flight left from Warsaw, Poland. It was far too good a deal to turn down so we booked it and then set about working out how we could make the journey from London to Warsaw in time to ensure we took our flight to Auckland.


The flight out of Warsaw left at 3pm and the first convenient flight that we could take from London was with BA which arrived into Warsaw at 11am.  Since our journey would be with two separate airlines and on two separate booking references, BA were unlikely to check our bags through from the first journey to the second and so we’d need to make sure we’d planned in enough time to clear customs, pick up our bags and then check in all over again.

On the surface of it, 4 hours seemed to be enough time to make this connection….. but what if our first flight was late? Or worse, what would happen if it was cancelled completely?  If we failed to check in on time for the flight leaving Warsaw for Auckland, we would have absolutely no recourse to compensation from Emirates at all, it would simply be our own fault that we hadn’t arrived in time to make the flight.

We could of course arrive into Warsaw the night before to allow for this, but that would raise the price substantially, having to allow for an overnight stay and not to mention a fair amount of upheaval when travelling with a young family so our only sensible option was to hope that our first flight was on time and we could make our connection.

That’s when the idea hit. What we needed was to be able to link those two journeys with a product that offered us some security in case delays meant we didn’t make that second flight.  It wouldn’t just be flights that could be linked but any form of connections that relied upon transportation running on time e.g. trains, flights and even cruises.

For my particular case, I would have ideally have bought myself a Mergetrip Linkticket in case there was a delay for any reason above 1 ½ hours to immediately pay me out £5,000 – enough so that I could buy a last minute ticket for the family from Warsaw to Auckland, although that would probably be in Economy Class now, as well as a small buffer for any incidental expenditure. By having this product, I would feel secure in the knowledge that even if the first leg of my journey was delayed, I would not be out of pocket and would be able to continue with my travels.

And so, out of necessity and thanks to this trip the Mergetrip Linkticket was born.  We think it’s a really useful idea and one with so many options to make sure the product is completely customised to you.

We have a number of ideas of trips we think we would use it for – transferring from a flight to a cruise, connecting a domestic journey (either train or flight) with an international flight and vice versa!

If you have any thoughts, questions or comments, please do get in touch.  We would love to hear from you!


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